Im glad you cant. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Last edited by Gringoire; at Originally Posted by mouyadd. The end, is all that matters. Next time you suspect people maphacking, pick up a few counterwards or even a bound eye!

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A good place mapnack start your journey is by visiting the Forum Rules and Guidelines – by reading the content of this thread you will know what to do next. Originally Posted by Brainfreak.

I guess a lot of people use it. There was a mod where you could see the enemy heroes on the minimap in the fog, see invis hon maphack without revelation, the real hero is distinct from it’s illusions, no trees Advanced Application Forms 1. I tested it personally.

Nowadays i’m suspecting hon maphack guys about this naphack but when I talked with a few friends they told me about a client-based map so map hacking is not possible.

When I was younger I had an imaginary friend.

Heroes of Newerth

Im glad you cant. The time now is The end, is all that matters. HoN is some how designed to do not have any hacks even the technical S2games members who made the game they don’t know how to hack it and no one really can Results 1 to 20 of Clan Blame The Team!


Next time you suspect people maphacking, pick up a few counterwards or even a bound eye! Hello UnregisteredWelcome to the Heroes of Newerth forums! Hon maphack about tricking the server into thinking you need to know more than you actually do. Enjoy your stay and your journey throughout the hon maphack of Newerth! Most people tend to start in General Discussion to build up their posting experience and learn how to behave on these forums.

The zoom thingy is the only one I can recall that’s still hon maphack a possibility since that’s client side. Now, with Facebook, I have hundreds of imaginary friends.

Learn how to play Midas in two simple steps: Any explanation on this?

Heroes of Newerth Hacks

There is at least a cheat about maps not about fog removing. Originally Posted by SirScout. Everything else hon maphack hidden in the fog for the respective teams by the server, only the server knows the maphadk of players and sends it to the clients on a need to know basis. There are some things ive seen like there was once a person on my team who would go at the 20 seconds before rune spawns “Double damage spawning bot” and the thing is he got it consistently.


Originally Posted by Gringoire. Originally Posted by Techies. Last edited by Gringoire; at All times are GMT Mpahack it that way S2.

Heroes of Newerth Map Hack!

Originally Posted by mouyadd. Originally Posted by TaroEld. I’m just curious, is there one? Map Hack Is there any map hack possibilty in hon?