It has the data file for nissan keys and othes you have to buy and get actiated. Why I said it would be easier is you have the data files and can be debug the way it works on the demo for older calculations. I know people who can read the eeprom from external of the box will not even let me have a copy, it uses plus minus 12 volts plus can,they can only do it seperated from the rest of the can for right now figured you must have to talk to ecu and get it to give it to you via obd2 even though it should still communicate via can uses can instead of the old k-line. Don’t really give a f The price is or for the full version?

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Code Wizard is compatible with various vehicle manufacturers worldwide and is available with expanded functionality. This calc dont have possibilty to calc access codes from dumps!

They said they finished it few days ago, and now starting to spread information, but at least now there is only a post in their forum. The alc files are not as hard to decode. Sometimes it is better to read all over the thread or search for info, when you are commenting something. You are not allowed to provide calculated wzard to third-party.

Code Wizard Pro 2

Yes but for what make of BCM? You can call me dumb or stupid I post sometimes when im tired or you just can not follow my post percent A russian group ar600 up on reading the eeprom via obd2 they could do it directly from pin out on bcm and you could decode it from their. ICC – the project ceased wizqrd exist here http: Today i’ll be trying one time service to check if it really works! You can read it from their via obd2 and throw into icc and get its output got the way to do it manually but lazzy.


Some people like this forum and dont like it when people take the piss by blatantly breaking ad600 code wizard pro rules, and I can only assume the reason why your not banned already is due to the negative comments probably doing more harm than good cide ad600 code wizard pro product.

New Pin code calculator [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

Download not available File not found. On the new system the ecu contains the pin and the bcm they check then start I told them if they remove the fuse to the ecu, they might be able to just communicate ad600 code wizard pro bcm and pull pin via obd with out problems ad600 code wizard pro the ecu or what ever else is causing it not to work with the rest of the systems on can at the time.

Don’t really give a f Am i disturbing your business? Or crack the software it has about 20 checks work all the way down to the bottom you have about 4 main calls to and crack to get the serial working. What do you mean? People, if somebody is interested, please visit their website. Other units have it in it as long as you have not replaced the bcm with a used from somewhere else. Updating Code Wizard Pro software is easy, simply open and connect to the Code Wizard Pro program via the internet and download the new updates.

Nowadays, much more people don’t need or even don’t read memory, then reading a dump with calc. So if you are thinking about your work in the future, buy original ICC Tool!!! Mike, believe me, it’s as hard, as ICC. So as i mentioned, i ordered one time service, a pin code via bcm number.


Code Wizard Pro 2 – Generate Immobiliser PIN Codes

This sw work without hwkey or not? Also we are not the only 2 people are we a good few people have posted negative comments including drakov so do you want to post negative comments on him?? Code Wizard Pro has an extended range for calculating mechanical key codes from the VIN number cpde the ability to generate immobiliser and mechanical key codes including access to security functions normally unavailable to the aftermarket.

The price is or for the full version? It keeps the nissan key codes and other, icc was good at keeping it secure. I sent them email, and they say it is no matter, all BCM’s are supported, only not are 12digit codes.

Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen. The carcked software card emulator is from a image need a card image to see if it ad600 code wizard pro with the with the consult.

You get them without buying the soft so when you get the dongle it works off the bat not activated but you can see how the others work and work out the rest.

They replied me with pin code and i programmed a key, but i asked them to send me screenshot of program with this calculation because maybe they just calculate via nissan por and they sent me a picture and it looks real!

Nothing in the demo version that cant be found for free on this site. Only 2 of you always not that happy about mine posts i am posting posts in months – nobody is bothered.