Mostly readable, though some parts are a bit dense. This is a great book, but I don’t think it does what it says it does. To inject briefly a frivolous ad hominem dimension into the argument, the cheerful face of the author on the dust-jacket photograph is seriously at odds with the title – but not the substance and argument of Dark Continent. A great history book, well-written and thought-provoking. Mazower’s geopolitical coverage of the European continent is remarkably wide-ranging, reaching to countries which are often neglected in general surveys but without sacrificing necessary concentration on the major international players. I took from the book that its a good thing the 20th century is over in Europe what with all the violence and war and all , and that Nazism, Communism, and Fascism were not just “flashes in the pan”.

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Mazower does not examine European colonialism in any detail. Probably one of the best books on 20th century history I have ever read and an historical mazoqer showing how and why we got from to where we are now.

Dark Continent: Europe’s Twentieth Century by Mark Mazower

It’s not so much factual though it is loaded with facts as “causal”–why things happened the way they did, how those things caused other things, etc. Europeans accept democracy because they no longer believe in politics. Lines of historical debate and terms of enquiry are ill-defined, non-existent or simply unrecognisable.

Geoghegan says Dark Continent is “maybe the best book about Europe I have ever read. Two-thirds of the text relates to the period beforeone-third to the half-century after This point raises the question of the projected readership for the book. Europe’s golden 19th century ended with two cataclysmic wars, followed by a glorious reconstruction in a new peaceful system. Trivia About Dark Continent: A great history book, well-written and thought-provoking.


Dark Continent is neither an introductory survey, a comprehensive text-book nor an ingratiating ‘good read’. In conclusion, Part 1 brought me some new interesting perspectives and things to th The dark continent mark mazower is basically separated between two parts: Apr 13, Anastasia rated it really liked it. As such, he gives particular attention to models that competed with it, fascism and communism, and looks into what made them so appealing to Europeans.

Dark Continent by Mark Mazower | : Books

Nearing his conclusion, Mazower notes of mazoqer decade of the 1 s that ‘in general eastern Europe, and therefore Europe as a whole, was a far more stable place than at any time earlier in the century’ p. Well written – giving you perspectives from the separate countries who became willingly or not “players” in WWII. Apr 11, Tim rated it it was amazing. Mazower is not unaware of what appears to be neglect of the later twentieth century: Positioned midway between academic and popular history, which do not necessarily represent two stools between which to fall, the book might be most conveniently characterised as accessible ‘serious’ history.

He successfully makes the case that you need contibent understand these periods to understand modern Europe. Mazower is at contineent best when analyzing and re-imagining Europe before WWII when the populations of the continent first em A very interesting and important book that will have to dark continent mark mazower taken into account for decades to come.

View all 4 comments. One point concerns the relationship between the two halves of the century and the scholarly commentary they have generated.

Nov 02, Wessel rated it really liked it. Hobsbawm was probably in a similar quandary coming up with his title Age of Extremes, defensively choosing to insert such period sub-titles as ‘Age of Catastrophe’ dark continent mark mazower ‘Golden Age’. Books by Mark Mazower. For a book on twentieth century Europe published on the eightieth anniversary of the end of the Great War to omit serious consideration of the continenh does seem almost perverse.


Had the Speers and the Rosenbergs of the Third Reich gained the upper hand in the Nazi bureaucracy, had the rest of the Axis been allowed a greater say in the construction of a new European order, then a Europe fed up continemt liberalism and capitalism might have acquiesced.

Dark Continent: Europe’s Twentieth Century

Dark Continent is not really academic history since it makes no claim to utilise hitherto unavailable sources to illuminate hitherto-neglected historical episodes unlike Mazower’s earlier Inside Hitler’s Greece.

I thought this was a tremendously well-written historical journey through the tragic history of Europe in the 20th Century by an eminent historian. O que significa e onde se situa a Europa? It gives one a terrific sense of the connectedness of history.

Dark Continent

Mszower spring unasked to the author’s defence, Mazower may have been persuaded perhaps still unwisely – to complement rather than attempt to compete with dark continent mark mazower spate of books published on the Great War headed by Niall Contiment The Pity of War which has uncoincidentally greeted that anniversary.

As someone who has derived pleasure from teaching contemporary history at Sussex, I have no problems granting the subject ‘unqualified academic respectability. I had bought this book as a gift with some newspaper. It is a timely read as well, with pundits once again perpetuating the liberal illusion that authoritarianism follows hierarchically from an alien tyrant.