The premiere voice of Greek power metal returns with Days of Defiance, the sixth full-length offering from Firewind, and the band continues to reap the whirlwind they started riding with the last album. I hope that helps. Cactupuss November 7th 52 Comments. The Premonition was a superb collection of rocking tunes and the best balanced and most memorable of the band’s studio efforts, destroying elder siblings like Allegiance and Burning Earth with ease. The abandonment of this style has been part of the reason Firewind have slipped down the list of my favourite bands somewhat in recent years, and hearing them in joyous, double-bass-hammering full flight again like this is a heartening experience.

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It is true that at first, the impressions weren’t so good. The mix was set for Apollo’s voice not being so layered, which truly helps since the first thing one notices in firewind days of defiance songs is the vocals, and it adds a rawer sound to the songs. Overall, a quite balanced album without weaknesses, which is definetly going to please you, especially if you liked “The Allegiance” or “The Premonition”.

As might be expected of firewinv European firewind days of defiance metal album, there is the firewibd of the power ballad “Broken”but as it’s decent we can’t really hold it against them, and the lion’s share of the material is pretty good, in particular “Heading for the Dawn”, “SKG” and “The Yearning”, the last of which just blows you over with an all out attack of guitars and Katsionis’ atmospherics.

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It goes on like this for over 54 minutes, with 13 cuts of varying intensity, from the plucky prog keyboards that christen “Embrace the Sun” to the melodic thrust of the finale “When All is Said and Done”.


Very few are striking to the point that they become infectious and rattle around in the skull until you can listen to them again and meet sweet release. As for the guitar work, they frequent much more the usage of the acoustic guitar, an element that has been around for long in Firewind but had become more present in the recent albums see Allegiance’s “Deliverance”but in “Days of Defiance” it is shining in three songs out of thirteen, a relatively high cipher in firewind days of defiance to previous endeavors of the band.

Firewind – Days Of Defiance / Ltd. Edition

That is just a cute little sideshow to firewind days of defiance other 2 extra original songs though. This style of metal can be evolved into a number of different forms, but it usually works best when combined to an orthodoxy and is focused firewind days of defiance on execution than innovation. That said, there are some minor spelling errors here and there; also, do try to make sure that your ideas flow a bit better next time.

It’s still a little ballad-rich, but that may be just what they need to make a run on U. Poet November 6th Comments. The music is catchy, and even when they do a straight-up ballad, it’s not always embarrassing.

I hope I will improve in the future. What is a welcome surprise is the presence of some speedy European-style power metal, something Firewind have been gradually edging away from over the years.

Here’s an example of what I am trying to convey: You have to be logged in to post a comment. But with all the things going for Firewind right now, they could be a big breakthrough act in the U. A lot of the reason for that is, it’s just plain cheesy, and it reminds us too much of our own embarrasing mainstream metal of the ‘s. I consider the best song in this album to be “Heading for the Dawn”.


Originally written for The Offering www. PowerDasoOctober 26th, However, the real charm is in his ability to not only play well, but write well and work well with a fine batch of musicians. Of course, Gus G. Apollo’s voice is also aggressive and heavy sounding like it has been previously.

Try and afford a bit of a segue next time.

Firewind – Days of Defiance (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

I understand how you feel mate – English edfiance my first language too. But Firewind is far less cheesy than, say, Rhapsody of Fire. Firewind have released another strong album, which gets past the shortcomings of European power metal for the most part. Here you kind of “lurch” around from one point to another a little.

Days Of Defiance / Ltd. Edition

I’ll definitely listen to this. The guitar leads are strong, and adys Gus’s obvious talent, he never goes out of his way to show it off at the expense of the song. Bob Katsonis is also quite remarkable: Irving Staff Reviewer October 25th Comments.