Walk On Water 7. Kofi Ft Michaela The Poet I Wanna Be The reverbed synths, the beat tempo, the double-time flow and the distorted voices that appear in the verses all evoke nostalgia of when I was just starting secondary school, Guvna captures the glory days of grime music well with this track. I liked when he said:. Too good to be free, man has a grand for this mixtape lool.

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guvna b scrapbook main | Step FWD UK Christian Chart

I believe this album is for an individual who is looking for contemporary music guvna b scrapbook draws on various genres of music with a diverse flows and motivational content.

B2B Ft Brewer There is a better production, lyrical flow and content than on his guvna b scrapbook albums. Guvna has become far more efficient at creating this style of music, and I believe — having listened to secular urban music today — he is successful in merging the two. Generally speaking, Guvja II has a Grown up confidence about it. I liked when he said: Guvna B you are really talented, you should have made an album cuz this is top quality!

God bless you brudda!

The guvna b scrapbook has a South American urban style to it, giving freedom to the artists to go as fast or as slow as they wish. Which makes it relatable, starts conversations, and creates a stage for people from all backgrounds to have a conversation – which is definitely not a bad thing? Again I would like to stress how motivational and uplifting this mixtape is!


Man, this is the best mixtape ever.

Scrapbook II

I guvna b scrapbook sensed a nervous but enthusiastic Guvna who is excited about what the future holds, what God has in store for him. Let You Know A Little Love 6. January 1, at 1: US rapper Snoop Dogg is known for songs about drugs and women Winner Takes All 8.

This is a masterpiece i can tell you put a whole lotta soul and effort into this one. April 2, at 5: Love the fire you have reppin the Lord!

Guvna B – ‘Scrapbook’ (Mixtape) [FREE Download] |

Mail will not be published required. Every rapper has a message, but generally, they are all still known as rappers ; so for a rapper like Guvna B to be boxed as a Christian rapper would be unfair as this is just the subject matter that he chooses to talk about.

Guvna has just released a thank you mixtape called Scrapbook II which is guvna b scrapbook for free.


So i thought id give you some love and encouragement all the way from Australia. This is quiet unexpected from an artist who is classed as a Christian contemporary gospel rapper, which leads me neatly onto the track In a Box.

Multi-award-winning rap artist Guvna B released an album earlier Meeting the parents buvna the first time? January 25, at 9: From the classic gospel choirs of America to the urban guvna b scrapbook Guvna B is a UK-based urban contemporary rap artist who has released 4 albums since he came onto the scene including, including Odd 1 Out which was the first rap album to top the Official Christian and Gospel UK chart.


This track demonstrates the variety of music styles that Guvna B is capable of creating. Kofi Ft Michaela The Poet The Sound of Gospel Live. Guvna has improved tremendously.

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