Bending moment calculation check is done per Section 4. The user can change this view to a 2-D section view ideal for standoff fastenings or a 2-D plan view ideal for freehand baseplate drawing by left clicking on the smaller windows in the bottom right corner of the Main Window, shown in Figure 10 below. It is a row from left to right of the following headings: Hilti provides breaking force for your. These standard anchor patterns may be calculated by any of the calculation methods found in the United States region. Click on any of these words for the associated drop-down menu. Pullout Failure capacity for highest loaded anchor in tension.

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The wrench icons,found in this column provide the user access to a computer generated installation video for the selected anchor. Steel and Pull-out failure are checked for the anchor with the highest applied load as shown in the tabulated distribution of loads. The different tabs of the Construction Wizard are described in the following subsections.

HILTI Profis Users Manual v1.10

Load Bearing Mechanism Under this tab, the user can specify the desired type of load bearing mechanism e. The default language and other appropriate defaults based upon region may also be selected when first opening the Profis Anchor by anvhor the appropriate region.


Figure 13 shows the tab as the default. Profis Anchor stops calculating Shear Concrete Edge Failure capacity when the edge distance is greater than 10, mm in. It is possible that the same anchor hilti profis anchor 2.0 fall under two categories.

Tooltips are very common in Profis Anchor and will help the user considerably if they are utilized. Join Professor Pack on the ultimate jewel matching quest across the world’s richest continent! Hilti will not be liable for consequences, Like the ASD report, the top of the page has a tabulated description of how the loads are distributed to each anchor. Furthermore, in the small window above, if the user clicks onthe Loads Window as described in Section 3.

Profis Anchor provides quick and easy access to anchor information, solutions to anchoring needs and the hilti profis anchor 2.0 information to specify Hilti medium to heavy-duty mechanical and chemical adhesive anchors.

The Profile Tab 3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. The dimensions are given from the centroid of the baseplate. Actually, the user may filter anchor possibilities based upon name, type, installation, application criteria, etc. The second icon,applies a stand-off fastening. Under Other, the user may make other adjustments.

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Profis Anchor uses the least conservative of the two equations hilti profis anchor 2.0 the check. The user accesses this window by clicking on the Create Report button found in the Results tab. The user can also choose whether they want to create an Adobe Acrobat report by checking the PDF checkbox.


The user must only click OK on each window to have the changes made in that window implemented. Filtering only limits the number of possible anchor solutions. Steel Failure capacity for highest loaded anchor in tension.

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Download links are directly from our publisher sites. This window, shown below, provides prrofis user with several possible ways of setting up the report. Description Hilti Profis DF Diaphragm Software calculates diaphragm shear, flexibility factors and uplift resistance for steel deck roof and floor systems using Hilti fasteners. Where do I get my results? Hilti profis anchor 2.0 run my calculation. Product solutions are provided on the left hand side of the product panel.

Please reference Section 3. As stated above, the Calculation Icons are found on the Main Window, which allows the user to do everything except create a report from the Main Window.

The Work Area and the icons are discussed in the following subsections.