Really liking the plug-in, thanks. Really cool plugin Joren. Twenty year veteran instructor in all things computer graphics. Hello, Does this plugin come with some examples?. Then click on the. I followed the instructions but get lost after:

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Really liking the plug-in, thanks. I would hate to find that one low res image2plane killed an animation or one high-res image is killing render times.

Introducing Image2Plane ! – The Pixel Lab

Make sure you have your clones set to iterate if your going to use this many, then set the distribution to Surface and crank up the number, I think I had somewhere aroundcloned images on the car!

Will this work with the After Effects Lite Plugin? Yep thats how I did it. It seems like choosing a folder will automatically load image frame on a separate plane.

Image 2 Plane Core Features. Work with your photos in a whole new dimension with image2plane simple but powerful image2plane and unleash the creative potential of teleporting your images image2plane into your 3D world!


Then click on the. Thanks Joren and AJ for this plugin this will help in future projects. Sign me up for the newsletter and access to the image2plane content! This effector lines the images up next to each other inside a cloner no matter what size the image is.

Yes, you can use movies as image2plane.

Introducing Image2Plane 2.0!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your imave2plane address will not be published. Were already working on the next update to make it rock image2plane more! Getting images into your scene is incredibly easy! I2P only brought in 29 of them. Does this have the functionality of Planesmart to distribute layered Photoshop files in Z space? Hi there, Really liking the plug-in, thanks. Is there an upgrade path from Image2plane Version 1?

Hi, that sounds image2plane — does it work with video textures as well? Just a cloner and a model.

Hey Danilo, sorry for the late reply. I used this amazing plugin in making this music video. Hey David, currently there is no way to image2plaane by image size. Looking forward on image2plane update you guys are working on. How image2plane that accomplished with the plugin? Let me know if you have any questions on that!


Really cool plugin Joren.

Overview of Image2Plane 2 for Cinema 4D

This effector lines image2plane images up next to each other inside a cloner no matter what size the image is. Not sure mate, never heard of that plugin before, sorry! I followed the instructions but get lost after: Any chance you could port this to After Effects? Are you running R12 by image2plane The ability to put many images on a click of a button is cool but if the plugin would come with some examples would be even cooler.

Any idea why this would happen?