Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. How did the incongruous guest rap become such a commonplace feature of Anglo-American pop songs? Before his mainstream success, Teca was active in the Serbian hiphop scene under the name Teror Teca. The source lyrics have been updated to the original Bavarian text. He says this in the last verse.

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Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. More than just a party rapper, Cvija has a fair amount of good-quality solo material and has collaborated a lot with other rappers and appeared on mixtapes โ€” he occupies the crossroads between commercial jk krimi rad rap and the Serbian hiphop scene. He says this in the last verse. Please help to translate “Krimi rad”. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Right Said Fred recently?

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Krimi Rad ยป

You have to reward him for all the hard work he put into his physique, right? After his success with Ana Nikolic last year, will we see him write for more artists in future?


King of gangster chic. Self-employed sincehe writes critically on popular music for Balkanist and Sofabet, and maintains Spotify’s most popular Balkan music jk krimi rad. Listen to gems from the s, s, and more.

jk krimi rad I think his creative team led by Dejan Milicevic, again is perhaps taking gangster chic too far. Looks like a sort of middle manager or insurance salesman who won a competition to appear as a guest ra on television. Add new translation Add new request. The stubble, shades and tough-guy posturing โ€” and those arm muscles โ€” definitely make an impression. The History of Popular Music Jk krimi rad to gems from the s, s, and more. Please review your translation. Krimi rad English translation.

Before that, he worked in a shelter caring for rescued kittens or so I like to imagine. Understated rsd, friendly eyes, likes to act out song lyrics in gesture form during TV performances. And if there is, will he be shirtless astride a rocket launcher on the front of krini Effective gesturing, first-rate posturing and superb idling.

Jelena Karleusa

A professional translator krimii proofreader for 10 years who speaks English, German and Dutch, eurovicious is passionate about Central and Eastern Europe, post-communist pop music, and Polish and Romanian cinema. Also Cartier is that expensive brand. Shades possibly glued to face. Login or register to post comments. Dive into the South Asian philosophy through Indian classical music.


The Epoch of Romanticism. English 12, French Requests: Speak-sings ard than rapping conventionally, and his parts are always heavily studio-processed. Called in by producers every time they want someone to rap in English however badly to add international flair.

Login Registration Rzd In. How did the incongruous guest rap become such a commonplace feature of Anglo-American pop songs? The History of Popular Music. Can sing as well as rap.