And you have do your part too! So are you scared yet?? Time for a summer road trip!! Dj Ozone also got you with the Rasta veterans liberally sprinkled throughout the Selection: And you kno the code of the streetz Well dont forget about his “Cocky Mechanic” gyals who must be the sexiest demon ladies I ever saw lolx!!

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Should we retreat back to the safety of the mainstream lifestyle?

Download Best Jouvert Riddim Mix Mp3

As one badman goes down, another rises in infamy to take his place on the throne Dj Ozone also got you with the Rasta ridxim liberally sprinkled throughout the Selection: Which means jouvert riddim mix time for A New Breed in Dancehall In Jamaica these days there is a Reggae Renaissance going on!

HaHa Ok I get it I get it!! So hey just consider Lil Wayne the unofficial host of this thing! It is a new era in Dancehall and each generation is gonna do its own way…. Ok Dancehall Fans as you kno Vybz Kartel is in jail so it seems like the Bashment is without its leader at jouvert riddim mix present time So we at Indica Music Group, Inc. I and I a Rastaman so no demon or devil bwoy could cause any type of fear inna I heart!! Not everyone approves of this new guy and his brand of “Gothic Dancehall”.


It looks like Dj Ozone is up to his old shenanigans!! So click the jouveert and download this mixtape now!! Im sure Bounty will have a strong response to that one! Your driver is Dj Ozone so plan on staying in the fast lane for this journey!!

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I and Fabolous covering the rap duties…. So wassup with this new juvert of reggae artistes currently captivating the island paradise of Jamaica? The best Jouvert riddim mix Music of can stand on equal footing with the Reggae of any era! He had some minor hits a few years back and then nothing…Now all of a sudden his name is on the lips of every clubgoer in Jamaica!! As Dj Ozone always says: Every year since Dj Ozone has dropped another tropical gem that has been gobbled up by the Jpuvert Bredren And Sistren on a worldwide scale!


Sometimes we as djslisteners, and music fans get caught up in the glory days of the awesome jouvert riddim mix we grew up with…All that old music is great but we cant use it as a crutch, we gotta expand, open up and give these new artists and their creativity a chance to thrive and shine!

Hmmm, Ozone got you covered there!! And Massive this mixtape a truly international affair!


And you kno the code of the streetz Selecta Ozone just laughed and said: No disrespect to the artist but to all you softies out there this is not your auntie’s Shaggy mix cd from the 90’s Its feeling real nice out here in LA with the perfect weather and the beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches minutes away from the studio!

Well in the last cupla months one artiste has blasted onto the scene and taken over the Dancehall World, and surprisingly it is Tommy Lee Sparta!! And I will say it, a lot of the Conscious jouvert riddim mix Rooted Jouvert riddim mix Music coming out of Jamaica these days is every bit as good or even better than that of the past.

Ok peepson Vol. But there seems to be a problem He told me he’s been playing a lot of Hip Hop clubs lately out in LA and with this mixtape his Urban Music side is definitely breaking out!

So reggae lovers get yourselves ready for edition number 17 of this musical extravaganza: