Good app, plenty of options It has loads of features so you can save power almost any way possible but the one thing that I want is a separate night time brightness connected to the night profile that would get five stars. Needs to automatically enable data when plugged in or docked. User ratings for JuiceDefender Ultimate 3. It works, but not great UI This helps when there is no cell service. I tried free ad supported and it sucked but worst was all the ads that kept showing up.

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I used the free one for a while and went to the highest, but it was still draining more than I wanted. More than Double Battery Worth every cent not to worry about low battery. Rafael Welter Ramos 3 years ago. The app performs as advertised. Direct Download Download this app to your desktop.

Significantly extends battery life and takes the hassle out of doing it. Ulhimate battery saver app with plenty of options for the power user. Works without any effort. JuiceDefender – battery saver 3. This is one of those “must have” apps.

juicedefender ultimate 3.9.0 apk


After buying this version though and setting it to Extreme, my battery can easily last up to days without a charge now: JuiceDefender is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend juicedefenrer battery life of your Android device. I’ve used several devices with and without JD, and there is no question that it improves battery life by a long margin.

It does save some battery. Juicedefender ultimate 3.9.0 apk puts phone in Airplane mode and has ulltimate be manually taken out of Airplane mode. JuiceDefender Ultimate APK helps you charging my phone,extending battery life,conserving battery,waking up,get to sleep,playing a game. I tried free ad supported and it sucked but worst was all the ads that kept showing up.

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That is up until the most recent update of lollipop on my nexus 4. I am having some issues with with the WiFi constantly turning off. Juan Carlos Amaya 5 years ago. DU Battery Saver – Battery JuiceDefender Ultimate mornaistar Download JuiceDefender Ultimate apk latest version. An example of this would be screen timeout. Helps my battery from draining so fast even when I’m watching vids juicedefeender playing games.

Used to be better. I rarely take the time to comment on app reviews, but this app deserves attention Last update blocking all 3g and crashing status bar on evo. My One X, juicedetender the rest of its kind, has less-than-stellar battery life.


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And the scrolling, why is it so slow it reminds me of when I had an Acer Liquid, I’m running a quad core now so please, this is my only inquiry. Extreme Customization lets u fit to ur needs.

Add long as I’m not on your screen gaming all the time, my phones live goes from good to awesome! So, I installed this app. The updates are mainly there for security reasons, not just for aesthetics. Juicedefender ultimate 3.9.0 apk is great, thank you, but can the people with higher end devices please get a proper UI overhaul at least a bit holo-esque?

This is one of those “must have” apps. Silently saves tons of battery ulttimate.