Clarity of words and music is a must. Since I am first and foremost a musician and arranger, I knew how I would arrange the song using the Festival orchestra. We sometimes forget that our songs, our music – our culture and art, are so powerful. MANILA, Philippines — The finals night of the first Philippine Pop Music Festival will be held at the Philippine International Convention Center tomorrow, July 14, and while music lovers await which song would emerge triumphant, Bulletin Entertainment looks at the bigger picture by asking tips from the festival’s executive director Ryan Cayabyab on how to come up with great OPM songs, festival or no festival. Oh, it did win a minor prize, 3rd prize.

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What should songwriters bear in mind in gauging the appeal of their work? The song competition is one.

KAY GANDA NG ATING MUSIKA (Hajji Alejandro) | Pinoy music | Pinterest | Music, Musicals and Pinoy

Adjudicators sit up and notice when a song they hear has a strong hook, has a strong character, a very memorable melody – it could be an unusual or titillating riff, or an infectious rhythm, or a feel good guitar strum, or some magical keyboard arpeggios, or good, clear vocals – and in this year’s gandda 14, some have strong titles and lyrical recalls. When the Metropop was launched, I had a atkng insight taken from just one experience, so I strategized.

Other tips – keep it simple, direct to the heart and soul. No plans yet for the 2nd Philpop. This is what binds as a people. They want to be brought back to the land of their ancestors by way of music. Not many kay ganda ng ating musika notice it but good songs are products of a good marriage of catchy music and lyrics.


And were the songwriters given more control in yielding the final product? Standard songwriting techniques developed through the years emphasize the singability of a good song – whether this is pop, rock, ballade, R and B, etc. Anyone who wishes to connect with the young and the masa should make an effort to study trends and forecasts.

According to Vic Valenciano who had to attend the sessions, the songwriters were very meticulous during the recordings and kept asking his opinion if the products were excellent already.

Chords for KAY GANDA NG ATING MUSIKA (Hajji Alejandro)

To win and represent the country in the International edition in Japan. These are all available online. When I travel and do concerts abroad for the Filipino communities, they do not want to hear covers of music coming from their 2nd homeland. Continuing education is another. Festival arrangements will not work now nt because it is passe, belonging to a different era.

Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika–Ryan Cayabyab: [email protected] concert

Clarity of words and music is a must. Better yet, hold a mirror in front of you and tell me what you see I offered the song to one ny the most visible song artist kay ganda ng ating musika the time, one of the most popular and charismatic performers Hajji Alejandro. A review of the 1st Philpop will determine if it merits being staged annually, if ever. I wrote the song “Isang Awit. Not only because they make up the larger part of society, but because they are also the vanda users of music and whatever fad or fads there are at present.


Language and certain expressions and themes put a date on songs. Below is a portion of our email interview with Mr. Since I am first and foremost a musician and arranger, I knew how I would arrange the song using the Festival orchestra.

Each songwriter was given a stipend to produce their respective songs. Songwriters are chroniclers of society, in music form.

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We are all free to express ourselves. How did you come up with the ky behind Philpop? They become classics when these songs can be treated differently, arranged differently, performed differently – yet retain their intrinsic qualities.

South China Morning Post. The Filipino songwriter has to keep writing songs. The song is my story but tweaked in a positive way.