It gives a complete and dynamic view of the network and attached devices. During installation you will be able to choose with which Edition you want to work among the 4 editions of LoriotPro. For example, an Active View objet representing a disk can become red when a disk failure trap is received from a system. The LoriotPro console can be locked to restrict access to a simple user with a very simple interface. Graph snmp data, ping round trip time, and LUA script data.

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Accessing reports from LoriotPro remote console.

Active View display area

GlobalSign certificat Attention, version 7 of LoriotPro from March is now replaced by version 8. Loriotpro v4 view of loriotprl IP network. Lorotpro will update the features list as soon as possible.

Perfmon plugin directly generates alarms on threshold values. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without the prior express written permission of LUTEUS SARL.

This tool is very useful for verifying that trap filters are loriotpo defined and that the associated actions are performed. Introduction to Network Koriotpro. The result displays immediately. The Organizational Tree displays Directory objects. This loriotpro v4 is also available in the contextual help of the LoriotPro software. Get it on https: LoriotPro is scalable and includes the tools necessary loriotpro v4 supervising a single site as well as a large company with multiple sites.


Download free evaluation software LoriotPro, Syslog Collector, radius server

Filters can easily be created for an event occurrence by using loriotpro v4 graphical assistant that is attached. Introduction to Loeiotpro Manager. It does not need to use the numeral Object ID format neither the full name format. Installation issues read more. It is lorriotpro very easy to locate in which MIB file a specific node is defined. Alert associated filter definitions windows. Starting the Loriotpro v4 server.

These fields are frequently used in the private enterprise Traps to define the involved failed component.

LoriotPro Database related Events. Warning – Be careful and do not overwrite your current LoriotPro version 3 if any. The Loriotlro Process sends regular requests to devices to obtain their current status.

This free Windows based software helps you to access snmp loriotpro v4, to create IP network maps and directory maps, manage IP routers,to analyze snmp requests,to perform snmp get and set requests, to compile mib files, to browse mib tree, to receive events and snmp trapto discover networks and hosts.

You will be able to precisely identify this component and trigger the required action. Ooriotpro helps you monitor the status of your IS resources, warns you of problems, provides a variety of reports, focuses on specific equipment, and much more. This plugin use the Micorosoft Text to speech standard and voice form different language can be added. You can also use advanced search tools to locate IS entities.


You know that real Traps are always difficult to generate, for example a power supply failure on a PC.

On-Line documentation

A dedicated Service is now able to resolve the address of these hosts given a known DNS name. The Trap Loriotpro v4 service plug-in solves this problem by allowing you to send fake Trap to any Trap receiver. Follow this link to loriotpro v4 the Broadcast Edition.

What was new in version 3. But using the short name of an object in loriogpro MIB tree was not possible if name were duplicated. LoriotPro can also help you to manage smart infrastructure using remote IP devices, video camera, loroitpro detection sensor, power supply sensor, humidity sensor etc. Map of the company network.