Infantry did almost all of the fighting in Greek battles. Generals could become quite influential at the court, but unlike other feudal states, the Egyptian military was completely controlled by the king. The elephants, used as a battering ram or to break and trample enemy lines, were also donned in armor for battle. The pommel of this type of dagger has the ends drawn out into two thin points that curve in towards the blade. Mahabharata describes various military techniques, including the Chakravyuha. Beginning in Mesopotamia , states produced sufficient agricultural surplus so that full-time ruling elites and military commanders could emerge. It was during this period the horse and chariot were introduced into Egypt.

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Leaders of unusual personal magnetism could gather more soldiers for longer periods, but there was no systematic method of gathering and training men, so the death medieavl a charismatic leader could mean the destruction of an army. What exactly these Greek triremes were capable of in battle is debated. Chariot usage peaked in the Battle of Kadesh in BC, which was probably the largest hegmon battle ever fought, involving perhaps 5, chariots. Mahabharata describes various military techniques, including the Chakravyuha.

No clear line can be drawn between ancient and medieval warfare. He advanced Greek style of combat, and was able to muster large bodies of men for long periods of time for his campaigns against Persia.

Herodotus of Halicarnassus was a Greek historian in the fourth century BC who, through his accounts, said that these Triremes would consist of at least two-hundred men manning all positions. Thracians shunned armor and greaves and fought as light as possible favoring mobility above all other traits and had excellent horsemen.


During the Vedic period fl. This primary source account can be interpreted as a functional and efficient use of the Greek trireme. Improvements in the ability to train horses soon allowed them to be used to pull chariots, possibly as early as BC, [3] and their greater speed and power made chariots even more efficient.

Ancient warfare

If, on the other hand, an infantry unit spread out to minimize the damage from arrows, they would lose the benefit of mutual protection and the charioteers could easily overrun them. Navies were almost always used as auxiliaries to land forces, often essential to bringing them supplies. Because tightly packed infantry were the formation of choice, in order for ancient generals to maintain command and control during the battle as well as for mutual protection, a force of chariots could stand off at long range and rain arrows down on the infantrymen’s heads.

But there were notable exceptions. The major advance in weapons technology and warfare began around BC when the Egyptians fought and defeated the Hyksos people, who ruled Lower Egypt at the time. The cruciform sword was derived and enhanced from a Minoan dagger with flanges on the hilt with rounded, right angle hand guards is how it is described within Arms and Armour.

The Illyrians fled in panic, leaving the majority of their 9,strong army dead. The upper level of oarsmen would sit in single-file fashion, pulling their oars through what is called a topwale or some sort of oarport; while the men in the medieval 2 total war hegemon ancient wars rows would sit in the ships’ hold also rowing through lower oarports. Dacia was conquered and transformed into a Roman province in after a long, hard war.

This strategy ensures that all forces are used and contributing to the battle effort and helping gain victory for them and all pulling their weight as well.


Medieval 2 Total War HEGEMON: Ancient Wars Trailer

Prehistoric Ancient Post-classical Early modern Late modern industrial fourth-gen. The Relief shows Egyptian wars ships consisting of over twenty rows of oarsmen along with infantry troops and archers fighting in apparent hand-to-hand combat with the opposing naval force.

One major attraction of the Greek wsr was not only its efficient ramming capability but also its ability to travel long distances at fair speeds.

The Greeks did not have any notable cavalry tradition except the Thessalians. The Hallstatt swords gained prominence during the Iron Age and were a long sword with a rather curious point that was one of three shapes: Military history of Greece and Ancient Greek warfare.

Throughout most of its history, ancient Egypt was unified under one government.

Medieval 2 Total War HEGEMON: Ancient Wars Trailer

Seleucus eventually lost his territories in Southern Asia, including southern Afghanistanto Chandragupta. Then he secured possession over the gold mines of nearby Mount Pangaeuswhich would enable him to meddieval his future wars.

Near the end of the Heian periodsamurai became a powerful political force, thus starting the feudal period. The elite of the Persian Army were the famous Persian Immortalsa 10, strong unit of professional soldiers armed with a spear, a sword and a bow. Battle of Megiddoc. Retrieved from ” https: These warriors were armed with a huge pike weapon called a sarissa as well as the army being equipped with slings.

These soldiers were paid with a plot of land for the provision of their families.