Try to reboot your phone and turn it on. Download superoneclick from any site make sure to extract the files open it and you will see an android icon with superoneclick. V2 Build date UTC: Is there a custom rom for this smartphone? What I did is that I just follow those given steps stated above but you really have to be careful because it might not work properly.. Now an online hit and a target of online hate. Install the apps, run it and click the check now.

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On your computer go to device manager and look for the USB device that have yellow exclamation point. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Sorry o the late reply.

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New Manila, Quezon City across St. We need to modify the stock boot. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over gamex work. Gamez Quick Reply – Please Wait. Try to reboot your phone o+ 8.7 games turn it on. If you already have other versions of the softwares that are provided. Systems from your mobile device will be seen.


Please Do not use them. What you will love about this phone also is its dual camera function 3.

Use only provided software versions given to avoid conflict. Now an online hit and a target of online hate. Step o+ 8.7 games click download first and wait for the message in the bottom right said: And with its 32GB expandable memory, downloading gams much more fun.

Turn it on and you will see superuser downloaded to your system application.

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If your still in doubt if your phone is rooted or not download root checker in your phone. Cherry Mobile Flare new software update now available to download!

After this you can now root your phone but i suggest you use the superoneclick v2. Then, click the root. Facebook O Tech Blog. Are you a developer? Will definitely ruin the warranty. Install the apps, o+ 8.7 games it and click the check now. If there is,please send me a message.

Your phone is rooted! This Android phone gives you the opportunity to download unlimited apps via Android Market.



Just rooted my phone yesterday Posted by Adrian Patrick Gemora November 11, Sir, it says that “No signature was present in the subject” what o+ 8.7 games it mean?

You can also be creative with this phone. After that go to basic then click root shell or shell root. Mine’s new so I’m still reluctant to do it. After this step you will see the yellow bar to download and after that you will 87. the green box for successful confirmation. This blog is a compilation of the different tech news and reviews for the benefit of the Ilonggos and for everyone who are technology savy.