It helped me greatly! Go to silvia cannon hole 1. ALTimore said this on September 11, at 3: Cant figured out it by myself. The angles provided are reference points to get you started. Adjust it for elevation:

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Hey there… i have a question asuming backspin power. Pangya excel 10y test by sahachartblogblogspot.

Formula and Examples |

The patience is worth it! Also, when doing calculations, you must have the trig function sin defined in degrees, not radians.

I calcuoator come up with some elevation numbers. Actually, answers to those values are kind of multiples of 1 through 9 so constant playing helps in getting familiar with those values. My experience pangya hio calculator v3.01 calipers is not that extensive. Thank you so much for this wonderful guide though. The resulting wind effect — other than the angle — depends on distance, elevation and what kind of shot you are doing.

It also saves me time if I had to pngya the same question twice to two or more people as well as helping me improve my own explanations out of a conversational context — which is the blog. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Maybe you are doing Sin 30 x Angle. Zex said this on April 23, at Now we have face wind.


Pangya Hio Calculator v3.01

Hoo for a great guide. I have one question: So we have to subtract the green slope from the Aim making it look like this:. Do you have a messenger I can reach you at?

James Bower said this on September 8, at 8: Maybe figure out HWIs for higher drives. Take the formula and a calculator or your head if you know how to do all that in your head: Pangya hio calculator v3.01 said this on September 11, at 3: Using Cos is perfectly fine, it will give you the same results BUT you have to turn around your angle reading.

XSoozieX said this on August 10, at 9: By no means very accurate. Zex said this on April 21, at 9: So the best way to figure nio pangya hio calculator v3.01 is firstly to try teeshot always the same to get the same ballslope and obviously resulting in your approach shot always being from the same direction.


From the best of my knowledge, Microsoft products are programmed to use radians by default.

Another thing is on your degrees page it doesnt make much sense. Pangya hio calculator v3.01 -Elevation, there are different true Elevation numbers. Hello, I loved your tutorial well explained. Programs which perform the task for you self-made or pangha sheets are in violation with the terms of use so I will not make you one nor do I support the idea. So again, 1m wind and low slopes which have been confirmed are the way uio go for good greendata. And also…lol hip is that you do in your videos?

I use scientific calculator to make my shots quickly and hwi horizontal wind influence method for that. Meaning, the elevation you see on your screen may or may not be the one you have to subtract. And also, I am not real great in math….