UniqueUserName , Sep 29, Totally agreed with this statement. I am sharing PexPloit with you. I have not been banned and have not hearD of anyone else for that matter being banned with using things like this. It lets people install pkg files on Official Firmwares 4. But what will bring to you? Since his is offline and an OFW super slim I can use this for sure.

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PS3 Noob question about the slims. I gots pexploit, get out!! PS3 Net Server question. Fifth I can personally say that it does indeed work. Pexplooit files that you’re attempting to activate with the. Share This Page Tweet.

PS3 PexPloit Lite Download v1.0

I mean this is not new news it has been around for quire pexploit time now. Most know its gonna be a pirated PSP game. Try following these instructions: Totally agreed with this statement. This time I have no answer.


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Secondly, speculating that there is no valid exploit to launch self-signed pkgs, it seems utterly useless. But before I want to cover all they major question answers. Then why pexploit all the anti-viruses say it has a virus???

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So, you no need to worry about it. First, you should include the use-case of the thing, otherwise its not well researched and simply re-published. I am sharing PexPloit with you. Can I play pirated games with this? Thnx man, this could be pexpliot usefull!! If still, you have any question, ask me freely without any hesitation.

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Posts about news articles or blogs, etc. News, tips, or what have you! We also disallow posts that ask for support on pirating games. Not a single banned on my end. Hi, Please is there a way you pexploit just post pexploit v0. Those of us that use it for good aren’t shunned. PS3 Scumm Virtual Machine- 2. It lets people pexploit pkg files on Official Firmwares 4. Lastly, it could be interesting if such exploits are discovered, or there is a way to sign pkgs correctly.


I have used it myself for such purposes on my kid brothers super slim. With recent advancements in the pexploit such as OpenGL ES via flatz it now seems pesploit the early pexpoit have pexploi as developer frangarcj has started to push some commits in relations to a PS4 port as seen here pexploit the developer’s Github account.

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