Check For Promotions If you enable this option it will enable the promotion system and will run a check on users when they are logged into the site. Have a nice day Auto Responder Message Phrase This is the phrase that will be used when sending an auto response message. Profile Photo Cache Prevention Enable this option to force a users own profile photo from being cached. These are used by search engines to index your pages with more relevance. Each search result is cached for X minutes where you can control X. Have a nice day.

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Friends Only Profile With this setting enabled only friends can view each other’s profiles. Unique viewers counter No: The site will not assign a new password to that user and the previous password will work until it has been reset.

PHP Method Phpfox::isMobile Code Examples

City in Registration Enable this setting to allow visitors to enter their city when they are creating their account. This setting is directly dependent on Auto Delete Old Mail.

It is also called from the timeline block in the friend module. Timezone Enable this so users can register their timezone when signing up for the site. If this setting phpffox disabled there will be an phpfox 3.3 query for each tab in profiles every time site cache is cleared. Show Empty Birthdays When enabled the site will show the block in the dashboard regardless if the user has friends whose birthday is coming or not.


Calendar Date Format The format for parsed and displayed dates. Hardcoded phrases will not have brackets. This can avoid spamming userA, userB and userC know personA, they all 3 send an invite so personA receives 3 emails but can also slow down a little the process. Offline Message Message that will be displayed to guests when phpfox 3.3 site is offline.

Note if you connect via their user ID ph;fox will allow your members the ability to use non-supported characters which are not allowed if connecting a profile with their username.

Total Nested Comments Define how many nested comments we should display. Allow User Registration Enable this setting to allow public registration. When users sign up and have not chosen a privacy setting you can define a default setting for the site. You most likely want to leave this setting blank as entering an invalid setting can leave you unable to login phpfox 3.3 your site.

Attempts Count How many attempts are allowed within the time limit? This is only used if threaded replies are enabled.

Show inbox, pnpfox and deletebox item count If enabled will display the mail count totals in each folder, i. Comment Minutes to Wait Until Next Check If the setting to check if comments are identical you phpfox 3.3 set here how far back we should check in minutes. Enable 2-step verification to protect your account from hijacking by adding another phpvox of security.

Auto Phpfox 3.3 Old Mail This setting enables or disables the auto deletion of old messages.


phpFox Template change – Stack Overflow

Subscription on registration is required? Check Duplicate Invites Do you want the site to check for duplicate invites before sending mail invites?

For Male and Female, we use the numbers phpfox 3.3 and 2. Auto clear system cache Define how many hours the system cache will be removed.

These are used phpfox 3.3 search engines to index your pages with more relevance. It is advised to enable this on live sites. Friends Display Limit Define how many friends should be displayed on a users profile and dashboard. This affects the other user’s received messages list and is enabled by default.

phpFox Core Settings – phpFox 4 User Manual – phpFox Documentation

Require basic field If you select yes, these fields will require when edit phpfox 3.3 This will use AJAX and the value of this setting has to be a number in seconds. Add Comments as Feeds If this setting is enabled it will add comments that are added to items such as videos, blogs, photos etc This feature requires a lot of extra server resources in order to perform such a search.

Can use either email or user name.