See, we switched places. Ethan, I know how easy it is to go down the wrong path. Why are you freaking out about this? Could I speak with her? Miss, you need to step out.

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The Lying Game S01E07 mkv2158~0.jpg

Looks like Eduardo really did fall asleep behind the wheel. Okay, look, it’s not her fault. Right, just like you’re not still into Sutton. We are shut out of the hospital.

It’s good to have you home, gxme. She’s pretending to be me in Phoenix right now. Figure you can get Mexican in Los Angeles anytime you want That’s fine, yeah, whatever. Wow, that is romantic.

The Lying Game s01e07 Episode Script

It’s so hard knowing that I killed my own child. I’m just gathering my props.

Yeah, that find-my-phone app thing. Took her a year to tell us about Ethan. Right, ’cause I’m like a sister to you. Well, couldn’t you just say something to them?


Pack up my stuff before school every day, stash it in my car just in case. I mean, I know she’s pissed about Ethan, but Okay, since when do you need Sutton to the lying game s01e07 you what to do? And did you even ask him about Emma? Um, you were younger than I am right now when you lost your virginity. Hey, how you feeling? I don’t care how long you’ve been sneaking around with her. There’s even a key code after hours.

No, she’s not dead. I mean I think he might be the one.

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I was really hoping to watch you change it. You have to tell me everything, okay, why you put us up for adoption, why you separated us, why you went back for Emma and not me. But what could be so terrible about her that my dad wouldn’t want you to find out? Look, she can’t tell you. So you’re gonna spend the night with Justin? Are you jealous that I’m working vame Thayer and not you?


Look, I’m sorry for all gaame trouble that I’ve caused, but can’t this wait until the morning? There is nothing for me in L. Not just him, but It’s stupid, I know. Yame, and you’re totally smoking the lying game s01e07. I I found that photo, and you told me that it was just some hiking trip, that Thayer was my brother, so he was like a brother to you.

But you’ve got to go.