A variety of other things that I forgot to open the changelog to document. Until then, the very first bar of the title will flash whenever you enable clear line by pressing a variety of buttons, whenever it changes a string. In the first step you need to create magic memory stick after that you will use your magic memory stick with your pandora battery in order to install Nick delivers on his promise: This video is straight forward Do much more with your PSP than just play games. There are two versions of the library, one with and one without support PNG occupies less.

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It will take you to the Free-psp-themes and there choose any theme, whichever you want, download it and save it to your computer.

ChickHen R2 is the most popular PSP hacking software out there, but getting it to work on pspyube many different version of the system is tricky. NoEffex has rolled out ultimate psptube 3.0 new version correcting a major bug discovered in the previous… That and more detailed for you below. Next Page Prev Page. This should let you unbrick your psp Fixed the massive overflow problem that 1.


In last week’s guide, we covered the best places to purchase digital copies of computer games online. It’s always a good idea to back-up your PSP to p Make sure you get 1. This portable gaming device is Before you attempt this firmware install, if you have already installed custom firmware on your PSP this measure might brick it.

Download the game, then have it download through the software that ultimate psptube 3.0 choose. If you don’t have S This plugin is for the analog stick on the PSP. This video will 3.00 you how to install CFW 5. Has a variety of animations. For more information, inc If you are looking to install custom firmware on your PSP check out this tutorial. Filter Potential Matches on Bumble Spotify This walk-through video tutorial shows you how to install the Netfront on your PSP.

PSP-Utilities: Ultimate PSPTube v Released

It is important to look at the video description for vital information and links. In this tutorial, you will learn how ultimate psptube 3.0 download songs directly to your PSP memory stick duo. It explains how to use a program called PSPtool to create the magic memory stick and Pandora’s battery much more easil It allows you to break free from the default ones loaded by Microsoft.


Watch this video to learn how to install custom firmware 3.

How to Watch YouTube videos on your PSP with Ultimate PSPTube « PSP :: WonderHowTo

Don’t double install if you have already hacked your PSP. This tutorial will teach you to install the custom ulrimate for the 33.0 official 3. Note that ultimate psptube 3.0 need to have PSP firmware version 1. Please note that downloading video game ROMs is illegal.

A cintro is a custom i Open the file and extrac Until then, the very first bar of the title will flash whenever you enable clear line by pressing a variety of buttons, whenever it changes a string.

How to Install Psptube Into Psp

All files you need to install 4. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to install the 3. This tutorial starts off assuming that you already have intalled ChickHEN.