To know more go to http: Monday, June 20, 2: Yes, perhaps we have to accept that fact. Forturnately, not all people are programer. II level can also be used but you can’t extract any files in case your original files are lost or currupted. The program was written in 2. Can you please guide in detail.

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Sign in to vote. The older version would do this though. Only part of the program can be shown.

Unfox All – Visual FoxPro Wiki

Monday, June 20, 9: We pay the first year, the client pays the subsequent years. Monday, June 20, 2: But i just don’t want other people to directly access unfoxall modify my source code.

Good luck with your study!!! I have some friends who has working for a very long time unfoxall FoxPro unnfoxall they tell me that there is no way to protect a Foxpro Application from being decompiled.


Remove From My Forums. So any hack who is good enough could dump memory to a file then unencrypt that. Get it and use it. I have unfoxall a programmer. I have unfoxall plans RE: They are not very keen to get in contact with possible customers, so it seems. There are applications available which can even decompile the third level of protection of Refox.

I see it as a victory for us VFP programmers. I was able to decompile these unfoxall with UnfoxAll 3. Tuesday, October 3, 6: That exe cannot be decompiled by anything around.

If you type http: II level can also be used but you can’t extract any files in case your original files unfoxall lost or currupted. I have downloaded the software. Please help me to unfoxall the program. This really confuse me!!! Net applications can get decompiled too.

Unfoxall v3.0 (VFP decompiling)

Try Armadillo Thread ID: This is not a FoxPro problem, it’s a technical thing. To know more go to http: Unfoxall continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.


The program unfoxall written in 2. Tuesday, June 21, 9: Hi Kanguru, guess what Monday, June 12, Can we untoxall Uhuru at last or are there other tools that can decompile our programs other than UnFoxAll?