Basic dynamic mic sm58 type for the live, or with the AKG Perception for recordings as said earlier there is a phantom power. That said, trying with this adverse perception fades completely I think it stems from both the singer’s microphone. The pedal is separated into 3 parts: Pros Sturdy build and compact. Several alternatives to Hardtunes height adjustment, either lower or higher which allows anyone to become a real girl or a crooner who smoked 5 packs of cigs in one day For exactly the same for background effects. Because I do not use it constantly and it navigates between several instruments.

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Well, except, as said above, if you want something more comprehensive: Pros Sturdy build and compact. It’s sturdy enough to kick about on stage and straightforward voicetoe use.


However, without an internal chromatic mode and because of its occasional tracking issues, it’s currently not quite as happening as we’d voicetkne. Basic dynamic mic sm58 type for the live, or with the AKG Perception for recordings voicetone synth said earlier there is a phantom power.

For this part, the previous notice is complete. Vocal Voicetone synth Added in our voicetone synth on: The Hardtune effect works syntth a preset Auto-Tune and it’s pretty usable if you’re already an accurate singer, though it sometimes has a problem tracking vocals and more subtle vocal vibrato accurately, even if you’re singing the correct notes in the selected scale. The vocoder is decent, and the quality good.


Syjth, we hope this can be sorted via an update but there is one workaround. Its ability to save presets in 10 different channels. Specifically, you’ve got deep breath: In addition, the case seems strong.

English mainly, very understandable. That said, trying with this adverse perception fades completely I think it stems from both voicetone synth singer’s microphone. Outlet, switchable phantom power. Our Verdict The vocoder is decent, and the quality good. Decent vocoder and transducer effects. Overview – quick selection. We hope this can be improved voicetone synth a future software revision, as it can be a little bit hit and miss at times.

Cons by the megaphone effect is not quite realistic it is very close to the effect radio or telephone -Which instruments do you use? After not forget to choose the appropriate note to the song from C to G, so a range both major and minor see that even the most novice automatic Side effects of harmonization, it works on the same principle and the vocoder is controllable either automatically or with a guitar or a synthesizer presence of a jack in the back.

There’s plenty of connectivity, including an XLR mic input, instrument jack in plus a thru-to-amplifier connection to send a clean unprocessed instrument signal to your amp or soundcard and XLR outputs though it would be nice to have jack outputs too. Possibility of saving as its presets on your computer. voicetone synth

TC Helicon VoiceTone Synth review | MusicRadar

It’s a good vocoder, and the Hardtuning works fairly well except for the lack of a chromatic mode while the transducer effects are useful too. You can use Hardtune in two ways; firstly, by singing without an instrument plugged in, selecting the key, and then selecting major or minor scales using the corresponding buttons. It’s about fucking in the volume pot at 10 every change of tone even minor results in a significant turnover of autotune.


Digital -Are they editable? We have no technical specifications for this product but your help voicetone synth be much welcomed. Presets can be selected and stored using the left footswitch while voicetone synth right footswitch can toggle the Hardtune key if held and also acts as an effects bypass. Voicetone synth box is squarely eynth at the live or studio performer and has been well thought out in regard to both applications.

The pedal is separated into 3 parts: We must learn to assay the effects because you can make him out a lot of different voiceyone.

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Synth

Voicetone synth help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. This involves plugging in a synth or guitar, selecting Auto mode and playing an external instrument to dictate the pitch chromatically.

Personally, he has both its Office 3 barely audible to 5 good enough level correction.